I grew up in Atlanta and now I live in Oregon. At first I was a writer and editor, but I was always attracted to the visual side. Now I'm a sort of handyman storyteller, a documentary-portrait-editorial-commercial writer-photographer-filmmaker. I know: pick one. But I like them all.

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A few years ago I traveled cross-country in a short school bus to write a book about America's urban farm movement (Breaking Through Concrete), and more recently I wrote, co-directed, shot, and "starred" in the documentary film Who Owns Water. For that one I traveled via canoe. The film won awards at film festivals, aired on Public TV, and is being used in college classrooms. Recently my audio travel story about my dad and me exploring National Parks won a Gold Lowell Thomas Award. If you'd like to see my video work, done in collaboration with my brother, Michael Hanson, click on Modoc Stories.

My favorite work is my collection of portraits and interviews of people. It's random as bingo, and it motivates me to talk to strangers. Find this ongoing journal at the 'Journal' link.

Iā€™m also an FAA-approved drone pilot currently operating a Mavic Pro 2 drone for 4k video and still images.

When I'm not traveling for work I'm with my wife Christine and daughter Ada doing outdoorsy things in the Cascade Mountains. 

Clients   Brooks, WhyHunger, Apple, Starbucks, Keen, Outside TV, MODE Media, American Rivers, Lower Mississippi River Foundation, Gorge Grown, Congaree Riverkeeper, The Renewal Workshop

Publications   Sunset, The Bitter Southerner, Mountain, Canoe & Kayak, Dirtbag Diaries, Rhapsody, US Airways, Garden & Gun, Land&People, Parks, Gorge Magazine